Modular wooden greenhouse

High performing eco friendly framework technology

Modular greenhouse

High stability, fast & easy to assemble

As for any Bambutec product, this greenhouse is designed to be eco-friendly and extendable. The massive wooden structure is bears high loads while still remaining easy to assemble.

Assembly without adhesive

The arched beams are delivered preassembled in two halves per piece. These two parts as well as the lengthwise connections are jointed with M10 bolts. Because the preassembled components are firmly bonded, the structure is highly load bearing, which offers a wide range of uses.

Modular greenhouse foil attachment
Modular greenhouse foil and beam attachment

Customary greenhouse-foil or polycarbonate panels?

We intended customary greenhouse-foil as coverage, but stiff polycarbonate panels can be used as well. Both choices have pro and cons.

Standard 4m-wide greenhouse foil

For the coverage in foil, we divide the greenhouse again in two halves. This allows us to use regular 4m-wide greenhouse-foil while running it in direction of the tunnel, avoiding the necessity to connect individual pieces of foil. Later the foil can either be buried in the ground or be clamped to the lowest bar using wooden strips. Burying the foil prevents parasites such as voles or snails from entering the greenhouse. On the other end, the foil is clamped on the roof ridge using an attached roundwood, which also allows for the foil-tension to be readjusted at any given moment. Additionally the upper horizontal frames are equipped with crosswise tensed steel ropes, taking care of water and snow loads as well as increasing overall stiffness. Typically a cheap greenhouse-foil lasts about a minimum of three years. Due to the high support and low stress on the foil, we experienced an endurance of four years, and counting!

Polycarbonate panels

Numerous customers don’t like the look and feel of foil on an otherwise premium product. Even though we encourage the use of greenhouse-foil, polycarbonate panels can be attached to each frame as well. Of course this reflects in cost and assembly duration, but will typically also have a longer lifetime if being well maintained. As an other side effect you gain a gap on the ground for air convection, but loose the barrier against parasites.

Modular greenhouse

Withstands wind and weather

Because the structure can bear high loads and the upper frames are enforced by crosswise tensioned steel ropes, this greenhouse withstands wind, snow and rain, sheltering your plants from destructive conditions.

An other big advantage of having a load-bearing structure in a greenhouse is the variety of uses that come along with it. You can hang installations for automation or illumination, or even more flower boxes, maxing out the usable real estate.

Foundation – concrete, screw or ground anchor

Modular greenhouse

The type of foundation is really the costumers choice. As connection element we deliver standard steel fittings. These elements balance unevenness up to 15mm and can be connected to concrete, foundation screws or ground anchors.

Modular greenhouse dimensions
Greenhouse dimensions
Modular greenhouse dimensions
Greenhouse dimensions

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