High performing eco-friendly framework technology.


Explicit use of locally available natural resources such as timber or bamboo.

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Universal jointing method of natural poles for high performing structural trusses.

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Technology for low-cost construction without compromising performance or sustainability for a brighter future – worldwide.

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Bambutec in one sentence:

Bambutec-Technology is a specialized process to create high performing joints in structural trusses.

The core of the patented technology is a universal jointing method using natural poles for even complex structures on incredible economics.

Process – idea to structure

The Bambutec technology implementation is highly portable and easily scalable.


The basic resources in Bambutec constructions are natural timber poles or bamboo poles, depending on regional circumstances. The production in Germany is sourcing its timber directly from local forestry. The material is procured as natural stem wood, and then at first cylindrical – milled for uniformity. Any profile-sections are now ready to use as Bambutec-bar-element.

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Design & Planning

Design & Planning is an essential component of Bambutec technology. All parts are defined by 3D-CAD until details and subsequently will be processed by CAM. Assembly on site too is under guidance of a related 3D geometric database, as it is with static analysis of complex and high rising structures.

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Precision is key: Jointing elements are shaped and milled on CNC, connections at poles get milled on the dedicated Bambutec pole-milling machine with dedicated tool heads. At all processes we stay within a production tolerance in tenth of millimeters.

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Using the 3D-model created during design & planning, the systematic assembly starts. Optional by choice connections can be permanent or detachable, accordingly high performing adhesives or the unique Bambutec-FitQuick system applies.

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Playground construction

Since 2008 we’re offering a wide range of products for commercial playground construction in Germany. Bambutec frameworks enable almost limitless creativity in design – an ideal property for this industry.


Addressing the increasing demand for eco-friendly solutions we support commercial playgrounds to go green.


Compatibility is important. The flexibility in planning and production allows us not only to implement established standard elements but also to adapt to existing steel structures.


Creating new products – either from scratch or inspired by current trends in the leisure industry, is what drives us.


High quality materials and manufacturing ensure our products last for a very long time. None of our play&leisure products require attendance, keeping running costs at an absolute minimum.

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Residential construction

Our goal in building homes is to provide a more ecological way, but too improve quality of living through technology.


Constructing with high resistancy against seismic movements doesn’t need to be expensive. Bambutec frameworks offer the ideal basis for earthquake-proof construction, “out-of-the-box”.


Todays architectural design is strongly limited by structural requirements. Bambutec profits from lightweight material and high stability to enable amazing design. Don’t let conventional construction limit your creativity!


Cutting-edge low energy construction technology from conventional construction methods are fully applicable to Bambutec construction. Full compatibility.


As demonstrated on our reference, working with clay filling and plaster lies at hand. This establishes natural temperature and humidity regulation – walls are able to breathe.

Commercial construction

The Bambutec system unites economics, ecology and usefulness. Corporate eco responsibility is moving in the focus more and more. It seemed impossible, but Bambutec technology made it happen to combine the optimum altogether. The signature effect of such buildings can boost business.

Individual structures

Bambutec as technology is not specific to certain products. The versatility in terms of application is basically endless. Have a look at our concepts and be inspired!


References & Concepts

Have a look at past projects and see what we are currently working on.

Residential building

3-story residential building in Forchheim, Germany. 


Hotel poolbridge for Langnese summer club in Spain.

Car showroom

Car showroom in Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Germany

Bambutec-Blog & News

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