High performing eco friendly framework technology

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Prefabricated fast construction

Car showroom, Germany

This hall is separated in office space and car showroom. dimensions: 20 x 8.5 x 7mstandard insulationquick assemblyeco-friendly construction ...
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Residential Building: Forchheim, Germany

Residential building: Forchheim, Germany

Bambutec residential building after completion Project: Development of a residential building after BAMBUTEC - Systems Engineering Customer: Patent attorney Stefan ...
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Bamboo play structure at EAS 2008 in Munich

EAS Munich 2008 / Play structure

Bamboo play structure at EAS 2008 in Munich As part of a cooperation we delivered a bamboo play structure for ...
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Wood carport free baring

Carport: Dachau, Germany

Carport in Dachau, Germany "Carport - Arkade 5.5" Characteristics: free spanning roof 5.50m wide, with load bearing capacity for snow- ...
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Poolbridge Langnese Summerclub

Poolbridge Langnese summer club 2007, Spain

Poolbridge for Langnese Summer Club Hotel in Spain In 2004 Langnese acquired a hotel in southern Spain for four months ...
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Firehat roofed sitting area

Firehat, Hubert Schwarz Zentrum, Germany

Firehat: for gatherings sheltered from rain Ideal for a sheltered get-together with campfire. Smoke can escape through the round vent ...
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