Author: Ulrich Wallner

High performing eco friendly framework technology

View of the round shaped bike path shelter.

Roofings For Lightweight Traffic

Creating Equality And Life Quality in Cities Urbanisation is a tendency of modern civilization. It means intensification of urban life too. The United Nations Population Fund is predicting that by 2030, population living in urban areas will cross the 5 Billion mark. Basically it seems to be a good development as we could expect that…
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Large Solar Updraft Tower As Rainmaker

Greening Deserts… Deserts are growing constantly. The Sahara, the world ́s biggest hot dessert is getting even bigger. An area equal to Ireland is converted to desert globally every year. In consequence humans habitat is shrinking. It is a major thread to mankind, to the planet as we know it. There are many reasons why…
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orangutan mother holding her child

“Baum-butec” – Vision about merging human life and nature

No utopia but a wonderful vision “Orang Hutan” aka orangutan is Indonesian and describes the most known great apes from the jungle of Borneo. Translated, “orang” is human and “utan” means forest. Like most great apes, they live on trees. If you look at it genetically, chimpanzees and gorillas are the closest, remaining species to…
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