Roofings For Lightweight Traffic

Technologie für ökologische Hochleistungstragwerke

Roofings For Lightweight Traffic

View of the round shaped bike path shelter.

Creating Equality And Life Quality in Cities

Urbanisation is a tendency of modern civilization. It means intensification of urban life too. The United Nations Population Fund is predicting that by 2030, population living in urban areas will cross the 5 Billion mark. Basically it seems to be a good development as we could expect that as human life is gaining density in cities, the nature might gain space all around in the consequence.

Urbanisation Is A Tendency of Modern Civilization.

But, since automobiles emerged in 20th century, our cities got converted and made for motorists only. Motorways, flyovers, underpasses, tunnels, bridges of multilane traffic, broad roads everywhere. Even though the motor traffic is running often on three layers and more, the situations in cities have reached disastrous extend. Jam from morning until night, sometimes it is impossible to move at all, only at night from 2-5am one gets a chance to move freely. Pollution, unbearable noise and dangerous conditions for pedestrians are other present effects.

Disastrous for individuals who like to live in a healthy and harmonic environment as per what a human life is desirable. Isn’t it high time to change our urban environment drastically, leaving behind a concept of adaption to automobile in favor of adaption to humans?

Automobils Occupy Precious Space

Automobils occupy precious space wherever and whenever. Huge areas are needed just for parking. This is so expensive, that it is simply not affordable anymore. Pedestrians, cyclists and cars are moving together in urban spaces considered as common subjects of road users. Looking at physical properties of those we can state inequality with often painful or even deadly consequences at the expense of pedestrians and cyclists.

On the contrary and fortunately, today we see lightweight electric wheelers of a new generation coming up. Flexibel, fast enough and easy to use for everybody. Some of them are so handy that you could take them inside your office and stow them under the desk.

Let me ask, why cars are needed in cities?

Just imagine how much space would be available without all these roads and parking areas. How peaceful the urban environment could be if motor traffic has disappeared.

One argument might be, that there is chance of bad weather, rain, hot burning sun, cold ice and snow, which is unbearable for a white collar worker, isn´t it?

View of the round shaped bike path shelter.

Okay, there is a solution!

Lightweight Roofings for Lightweight Traffic

Lightweight roofings for lightweight traffic. The cylindric shape of those provides shelter from above, but it could even protect from all sides by mounting the beams alternated left and right. This allows providing comfortable climate inside no matter summer or winter. Displays for information, entertainment or traffic-signs could be integrated perfectly.

It is made of eco-friendly materials, wooden beams, on helical-steel-piles and transparent resp. opaque roofing sheets.

Moving freely across cities, at a fraction of time, flexible and without any burden, reaching office, restaurant, sport park, shopping, … in perfect personal condition no matter casual or formal.

Please tell me, what you feel about it !

Ulrich Wallner