Modular Pump Track

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PumpTrack Course #1
PumpTrack Course #1

What are Pump-Tracks?

Inspired by skateparks, Pump-Tracks start to emerge in cities and leisure businesses. Since 2004 this trend sport is spreading, originally from the United States now also to Europe.

Generally a pump track describes a circuit consisting of steep curves and a range of hills. The elements are specifically designed in a way that enables the rider to move simply by “pumping”. By weight shifts and by moving up and down, the rider gains speed without having to pedal or push. Velocity and steepness of the curves mainly define the skill level. Therefore pump tracks are designed to cover a wide range of skill levels, offering low skilled riders to use the inner curve at low speed.

Pump tracks are not limited to mountain bikes but are also widely used with skateboards, pedal-scooters, inline-skates, BMX-bikes – and possibly more.

PumpTrack Course #2
PumpTrack Course #2

Pump-Track by Bambutec

Conventional pump tracks are formed by excavation and accumulation of available soil. This makes building a pump track a far-reaching, economically irreversible decision. Our technology offers ideal properties for the market of modular pump-track construction. Modules are delivered prefabricated and can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of few hours.

Simplicity is key

We have planned two exemplary courses, course #1 and course #2, to demonstrate the simplicity of our system. Both of the two courses consist of only 5 different modules. Those five modules can be arranged repeatedly, mirrored or mixed to any kind of track. Its complexity is basically unlimited.

Special requirements?

If the provided modules are not fitting your requirements, please feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to provide a fitting solution.

Kickstart your project with CAD

To enable just anyone to do exactly that – to plan your own track, we’ve decided to offer our 3D-components online for free. Build your own pump track now!

Bambutec Pump Track Course #1

Bambutec Pump Track Course #2

Interested? Any special requests? Contact us!