Low cost greenhouse

High performing eco friendly framework technology

Low cost greenhouse tunnle

Either for large operations or for hobby gardener at home: This design provides the base for the development of a low cost greenhouse.

Drying, growing, heating

We at Bambutec Germany currently use it as a fast-drying tunnel to dry and store raw material from forestry. This speeds up our process and keeps the wood in perfect quality.

The whole structure is load bearing and extremely durable. Items or even whole flower boxes can be hung from the structure. The floor grid can be used as a spacer to keep stored items away from the soil and soil moisture or even to lay out floor panels if desired.

Simple materials, low cost

The roofing consists of a standard greenhouse foil, attached to the floor-rod on both sides. Between the actual ground and the structure a small gap can be left, to allow air flow / convection. The front/back openings can also be closed using foil.

Of course, this structure is modular and extendable as desired. Using the Bambutec FitQuick system, structures like this can be erected and disassembled in a short amount of time.

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