Golden Jubilee Park: Banana Bridge

High performing eco friendly framework technology

Banana pedestrian bridge
  • protected by design against wind and weather
  • variable span
  • hanging deck
  • high load capacity
  • cost effective

Yamuna Riverfront Development

As part of the Yamuna Riverfront Development for all structures the choice of materials have been given careful consideration. For example, Bamboo, which is eco-friendly, is proposed to be used for the majority of the site for erecting non-permanent structures in the form of public facilities and also for pathways and entrance plazas close the River. National Mission for Bamboo Application (NMBA) is being consulted for the design development of details. All these measures are to ensure that the project remains ecologically sensitive to the kind of attention this form of developments need. Also it adheres to the Hon’ble Delhi High Court’s order for embargo to any permanent construction. Thereby the formation of water bodies is used as an opportunity to create wetlands required for the Bio- Diversity park and recreate undulations in the rest of the site to generate interest.

Proposal for Golden Jubilee Park development Phase-1